On-site Food Processing Training and Traineeships

Deliver industry leading food manufacturing training at your worksite

FBP30121 - Certificate III in Food Processing

Boost your company’s production efficiency, minimise waste, and
improve quality control by endorsing the FBP30121 – Certificate III in Food Processing for your team.

Our unique employer-based training program delivers vital competencies in various food processing sectors, arming your employees with the skills and insights needed to propel your business’s success within the Food Processing and Manufacturing Industry.

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Onsite Food Processing and Manufacturing Training Program

At Skilled Advance, we customise our training programs to meet your unique workplace needs, whether in winemaking, dairy, brewing or beyond. Our seasoned trainers deliver on-site, industry-specific training using tailored methodologies, materials and assessments.

The program prepares your employees to oversee all or part of a processing plant and related equipment. They’ll master established routines and methods, using judgement to interpret information and apply solutions to routine and non-routine problems. This can enhance your production process, reduce errors, and maintain high productivity levels, even in challenging situations.

Whether Bottling and Packaging, Brewing, Confectionery, Dairy Processing, or any other listed specialisation, the FBP30121 – Certificate III in Food Processing offers tailored expertise, allowing your team to master the nuances of your specific sector, resulting in superior product quality and increased customer satisfaction.

Improve your team’s ability to operate complex processing and food-related machinery and equipment. This improves productivity and minimises the risk of workplace incidents due to improper equipment handling.

Equip your team to take responsibility for the output of others, fostering a highly efficient, well-coordinated production team. This can significantly improve your team’s communication and overall workflow.

Propel Your Food Processing & Manufacturing Career with
Our Paid Traineeship Program

Gain practical, on-the-job training and valuable work experience through our paid traineeship model. Earn a nationally recognised qualification while you work towards career advancement. Our workplace-focused training programs will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in dynamic and in-demand workplaces.

Gain the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in food processing, from ensuring food safety and quality control to mastering processing operations and workplace health and safety protocols.

Whether you envision yourself as a logistics coordinator, warehouse supervisor, or inventory control officer, the FBP30121 – Certificate III in Supply Chain Operations sets you on the path to success.

Equip Your Workforce with Essential Food Processing skills

Contact us today to explore how our industry-specific training solutions, including the FBP30121 – Certificate III in Food Processing will enhance the expertise of your workforce and drive industry excellence.