On-site Supply Chain Training and Traineeships

Empower Your Workforce in Streamlined Supply Chain Operation

Upskill Your Workforce With Certificate III In Supply Chain Operation​

Elevate your company’s operational efficiency, reduce costs, and mitigate supply chain risks by investing in onsite supply chain training: TLI30321 – Certificate III in Supply Chain Operations for your team. 

This comprehensive onsite training program aims to deliver core competencies in supply chain and logistics, arming your staff with the skills and knowledge to boost your company’s performance within the Transport and Logistics Industry.

Supply Chain Illustration | Certificate III in Supply Chain Operations

Onsite Supply Chain Training With Skilled Advance

Skilled Advance’s onsite, employer-focused training program ensures the TLI30321 – Certificate III in Supply Chain Operations aligns with your industry’s specific needs. Whether your focus is logistics, warehousing, or any other sector within the supply chain industry,
we tailor our training accordingly.

Equip your employees with the ability to perform a defined range of skilled operations within broader related activities. Arm your team with the knowledge to establish workplace-relevant routines, methods, and procedures with a certain degree of discretion and judgement.
Optimise your operations by streamlining processes, reducing errors, and maintaining productivity even under time constraints.

From receiving incoming goods to coordinating regular stocktakes, our employer-focused training program provides your team with the skills to successfully navigate the dynamics of inventory management. Be confident in your teams capabilities to check for damages and discrepancies between goods and invoices, operate computers to identify location and quantity of items in stock, and efficiently handle labelling and packing tasks.

Confidently up-skill your team to operate a wide range of complex machinery and equipment. This includes machines to lift, place, and remove goods on high levels, and specialised materials handling equipment, like hydraulic jacks and hand trucks. This not only increases productivity but also mitigates the risk of workplace accidents due to improper equipment handling.

One of the most critical aspects of effective supply chain management is teamwork and leadership. Develop workers into leaders who can effectively coordinating the work of others, providing a foundation for cultivating a well-coordinated, highly efficient supply chain team. This can greatly enhance the communication within your workforce and significantly improve the workflow of your supply chain operations.

Propel Your Career with
Our Paid Traineeship Program

Gain practical, on-the-job training and valuable work experience through our paid traineeship model. Earn a nationally recognised qualification while you work towards career advancement. Our workplace-focused training programs will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in dynamic and in-demand workplaces.

Gain the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in food processing, from ensuring food safety and quality control to mastering processing operations and workplace health and safety protocols.

Whether you envision yourself as a logistics coordinator, warehouse supervisor, or inventory control officer, the TLI30321 – Certificate III in Supply Chain Operations sets you on the path to success.

Equip Your Workforce With Essential Skills In Supply Chain Management

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